I Am With You

A trilogy of books that reflect on the Sunday Mass readings for years A, B, and C.

They are a new approach to Scripture for married people, and can help them understand the key messages in the Sunday readings. They include witty illustrations and a prayer for the couple. Read more

Readings from I AM WITH YOU: Year B were featured on BBC Essex.  Click to listen

          Marriage Matters

A book of weekly 60 word snippets adapted from our reflections on the Sunday readings featured in the I AM WITH YOU series.  

It is available free for anyone who wishes to offer weekly support to enhance marriage, whether through their organisation, parish or diocesan newsletter, website or blog. Just download the PDF or Word doc and cut and paste the relevant weeks reflection. Read more

             Two In One Flesh

A 16 page booklet exploring why and how a Christian marriage is holy.

This booklet can help to prepare couples for marriage as well as to enhance married couples’ understanding of the meaning and significance of their marriage. Read more

Two In One Flesh have the backing of Cardinals (past and present) of Westminster. Murphy-O'Connor and Vincent Nichols both have provided Forewords for our books.

Bishop Laffitte, former Secretary to The Pontifical Council for the family at the Vatican in Rome has provided the introductory Foreword for MARRIAGE MATTERS.

Brian and Maureen Devine, coordinators of the Two In One Flesh group, were featured on the Vatican website. Click here to open the page.

 Scripture readings at Mass can have a particular meaning for married couples

These publications help us

to discover what…


We are a group of five married couples and a priest

who have written several publications to enrich marriage.

            These are,

Two In One Flesh aims to help the laity and the clergy in the Church to a greater understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage so that married couples may play a fuller role in the mission of the church.

We do this primarily, but not exclusively, by providing resources to help married and engaged couples discover what the Lord is saying to them about their relationship and their day to day living through the Scriptures.


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