Commendations for I AM WITH YOU

“I am delighted to support this simple but highly significant and innovative resource. I AM WITH YOU: The entire work, so lovingly undertaken and generously offered to the Catholic community by these faithful married couples [and priest] comes at a time when the need to restore and affirm the true nature of matrimonial love has never been so acute in our contemporary culture…It is as always, to the sacred Word of God which we must turn for sustenance, inspiration and encouragement. These books are an invaluable contribution to this task. I sincerely pray that as many couples as possible within our parishes may benefit from the practical reflections in these pages…Pope Francis said; “God calls each of us to be holy… Some are called to holiness through family life in the sacrament of Marriage…It seems to me that I AM WITH YOU Years A B C [are] a timely reminder of this true love that God speaks in and through marriage…May the good Lord bless all married couples and may the prayers of Our Lady be with you in your journey of faith.”

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

“The I AM WITH YOU Trilogy of books are not just…reflections for spouses based on the Sunday readings. The timing of this work is also of profound significance. Many in the Church at this time as well as society at large are expressing anxiety and concern over the status of marriage. May the same Lord portrayed in [Scripture] fulfil His promise of undying love for all those who will benefit from using [these books] week by week.”

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

“Because of their hard but loving experiences, the authors of ‘I AM WITH YOU YEAR A, B&C write with a unique honesty. Each page offers wise ways of recovering, sustaining and increasing intimacy in marriage - unconditionally.”

Daniel O’Leary

Author, theologian, and international speaker

“The authors have done a great service to spouses by providing a week by week accompaniment to the Sunday Readings with reflections that shed light on sexuality and human love willed by God. The pages and illustrations of these simple books offer windows in to the sacred power of marital loving.”

Edmund P Adamus